Collage by John Digby from The Key by Flavia Lobo

John Digby was born in London in 1938. Passionate about birds from early childhood, he became a keeper at the London Zoo for six years during his teens. By some circuitous route, this led him to poetry and then collage. Several volumes of his poetry have been published. His collages have been exhibited widely in the UK, France, USA and Korea. All of his work is exclusively black and white and composed of archival papers and pastes. Using this aesthetic, he and his wife founded The Feral Press, a small press publishing unique stories, essays and poetry, illustrated in black and white by a variety of artists working in various media. Both his studio and press are in Oyster Bay, New York. The above collage illustrations are from The Key by Flavia Lobo, published by The Feral Press in 2007.

Excerpt from The Key by Flavia Lobo:

"...And what happened was the horse nearly trampled me to death. I just had time to leap to one side and there it went like a flash. But I jumped to the right of the arches, and it turned right coming through them, so I could see as it galloped by. I could see the hair growing forward instead of backward the way horsehair, all hair, I guess grows. I could see the whitest white of its body. My eyes hurt a little when I looked at it. What I didn't expect to see was a huge wound on its right haunch, like somebody had sliced some of it off. His long ivory mane was stained as it brushed against the wound. I felt such joy seeing the precious horse, and such pain seeing the blood."


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Collages copyright by John Digby 2007 all rights reserved
Excerpt from The Key copyright 2007 all rights reserved