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"We certainly wish the realm of dreams to be respectable -- but our works are not oneiric. On the contrary. If "dreams" are concerned in this context, they are very different from those we have while sleeping. It is a question rather of self-willed "dreams," in which nothing is as vague as those feelings one has when escaping in dreams... "Dreams" which are not intended to make you sleep but wake you up."
--René Magritte
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    Issue One (February, 1999)

  • (stories by David Doubek, Faruk Ulay, Matt Leibel, Marian Palla, Aleksander Dardelli, Aisys, Rowan Wolf, J. Eric McNeil)

    Kafka's precursors (according to Borges)

  • (stories by Zeno, Han Yu, Kierkegaard, Browning, Bloy, Dunsany - 48K)

    Alice Whittenburg (editor's portfolio)

  • Under a rock
  • Hedgehog
  • At the little French place

    G.S. Evans (editor's portfolio)

  • Very short fiction
  • 22/43/34698

    Pásmo: A Page of Poetists

  • (original translations of the 1920's Czechoslovak avant-garde movement)

    The Joseph Nesvadba Page

  • (concerning the preeminent contemporary Czech science-fiction writer)

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