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Alice by Daniel Flores-Guadiana

Without too much premeditation Graham decided to stick his foot into the little hole. Suddenly he felt that odd sensation one gets when he sticks a vacuum hose to his face. That sucking feeling was quite strong and soon Graham felt the need to resist it. He clawed the brown earth all around him, trying to stay secure and not be sucked in. But, it was no use. There was nothing he could do to resist the burrow. Finally, Graham gave up and let go of the roots he was clinging to and began to freefall.

"Reminds me of a Tom Petty song," Graham thought to himself. He continued falling down the dark hole for hours. After about three hundred minutes passed, Graham grew tired of falling vertically and tried lying on his side, so that he could fall horizontally. But, in attempting to do so, he kicked a little girl in the shin.

"Oh, I'm sorry!"

"That's quite alright," said the little girl in a very dignified manner. She was wearing a light blue party dress and a pristine white apron. Her blonde hair dangled a foot or so above her head. Of course, in the pitch dark, Graham would not have known any of this had she not described it all to him.

"Oh, well I wish to be a children's novelist," she said, "that's why I must be able to describe things to people on command. Well, this is my stop."

The little girl froze in midair and then seemed to cut a door out of the pitch darkness. As she began to walk through it Graham yelled the question: "What is your name?"

"Alice!" The little girl shouted--politely, of course.

Graham fell for a number of hours before he noticed a faint white light at the end of the hole.

"Oh, God! A light at the end of the tunnel--how cliché."

Daniel Flores Guadiana, whose fiction is forthcoming in Opium Magazine, recently fell into a dark, endless void.  To save him from this fearful fate, please visit djflores.tripod.com and read more of his work.

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