Framescape by Dale O'Dell

Framescape by Dale O'Dell

Dale O'Dell is a photographer and digital illustrator residing in Prescott, Arizona. After obtaining a degree in photography in 1982, he opened a studio a few years later in Houston, Texas, where he specialized in industrial photography and advertising illustration, "in order to support my personal work." By the early 1990s he had fully transitioned to the emerging medium of digital art.

The picture you see here is from an on-going series of Surreal Landscapes. "My working process is something like this: I've always enjoyed photographing the landscape but we've exceeded a critical mass of 'straight' landscape photographs so I create my own altered realities by deconstructing and reconstructing my landscape imagery. Beginning with the best possible landscape image, I try to experience and respond to the subject while I'm making the photograph. Once back in the studio with new imagery I tap into the thoughts, feelings and emotions I had while making the initial image and begin taking the photos apart digitally and recombining them in new ways. The result is a surrealistic reinterpretation of the landscape."

Dale uses Canon digital and film cameras, a Pentium computer, Nikon scanners, Adobe Photoshop™, and "a whole bunch of other gadgets and software" to create these images. Each image is stored as a high-resolution digital file and printed in his studio using Epson printers and archival pigment inks.

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