A GLASS POEM (proposal for a lyrical film)

A. Cernik

1. A glass prism, turning around its vertical axis,
2. changes into a glass ball and
3. finally into a glass sphere.
4. The glass turns into water,
5. the sphere into a lake,
6. which begins to ripple,
7. on its surface the leaves and yellow flowers of water lillies are revealed.
8. Life in the water; fish,
9. a pike sits on a reed, lying-in-wait for a fish
10. the pike devours a fish,
11. deep waves of water,
12. a fishing line gliding along the surface,
13. a fisherman pulls at it,
14. at its end is the pike.
15. The lake enlarges,
16. until a very high, aerial photograph of Lake Constance is seen, with Swiss glaciers to the south and the German lowlands to the north.
17. A steamboat, sailing along and belching puffs of steam.
18. A quick zoom-in of the white deck of the steamboat:
19. passengers,
20. who are throwing pieces of bread to sea gulls.
21. The steamboat nears a harbor,
22. a large cloud is shown,
23. an intense rain shower
24. the harbor
25. freeze-frame of harbor and boat, zoom-out.
26. until it is revealed that everything was a mere illustration on a glass ashtray, on which granules of cigarette ash are falling,
27. as the zoom-out continues a hand is revealed, holding a cigarette,
28. then the man, who is sitting and holding it,
29. then a woman sitting opposite him holding a tennis racquet,
30. until they are seen to be acting out a scene on a stage:
31. of a theater,
32. in which, at the end, remain only a lady with a pair of opera glasses
33. and then only a pair of large opera-glasses.


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