Viteslav Nezval

1 A gun shot (fade in)
2 A brightly-lit hand holding a revolver (dissolve)
3 into a diamond ring on the hand but then
4 the projectile blows-up like a rocket with the title THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE (double-exposure dissolve) into a dance pavilion (full shot) as the sparklers (from the explosion) burn out.
5 in the corner (fade out) the helmets of three guards
6 a woman at a cafe telephone (full-shot)
7 a phone rings several times
8 a man's room (full shot)
9 a telephone bell (close shot)
10 she procrastinates, holding the receiver
11 the clock on a moonlit tower shows ten o'clock
12 in a field a hare runs away, following a path
13 twitching of hare's whiskers (dissolve)
14 the hare stands on its back legs
15 from the underbrush exits a man with a monocle
16 the cafe (full shot)
17 a detective looks at the hand of the woman but then nervously moves on to a marble table
18 the diamond ring changes into
19 a display window in which an oncoming tram is reflected
20 the detective pays and while he is handing over the money he inconspicuously shows
21 his badge to the waiter (dissolve to detail)
22 detective goes to the woman's table
23 Requests permission to sit there.
24 Chooses a periodical from the rack
25 a newspaper (dissolve to detail)
26 to the headline THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE
27 detective looks up from the newspaper to meet the lady's eye (medium shot)
28 the lady looks up (full shot)
29 the detective grasps at his heart and falls to the ground
30 a crowd of people and waiters
31 the lady places a wet handkerchief on the detective's head
32 (close shot) the detective's hand removes a photograph and two tram tickets from her purse
33 in the field the hare pricks up its ears
34 at a train station, the door of a train car
35 the man with the monocle at a cash register
36 a hand putting through a call at the phone exchange
37 the detective telephoning and looking at a tram ticket
38 a forefinger in a book
39 two hands, each holding a tram ticket (zoom-in and dissolve)
40 into a tram car's interior
41 a conductor in an office earnestly trying to remember (medium shot)
42 puts his forefinger to his forehead (full shot)
43 and laughs (medium-shot)
44 he gives a large banknote to the man with the monocle, who is sitting with the lady in the tram
45 a tangle of telegraph links
46 a postal clerk above the telegram
47 a sentry's box before which stands a servant
48 the servant hurries into the hut
49 the corridor of a train through which the man in the monocle is striding
50 he goes into the bathroom
51 and jettisons the revolver
52 and his pocket watch
53 (fade) in the darkness the sign HOTEL
54 the lady is tossing and turning in her bed
55 (medium shot) she opens her eyes and looks sad
56 the servant presses a button
57 a traffic light (dissolve into a medium-shot) slowly changes
58 a moving automobile
59 (medium shot) the detective has an opened train timetable in his hand
60 the conductor's visor points toward the man with the monocle and the lady who are going to the island of the Chinese lanterns
61 the conductor speaks to a guard
62 a braking train
63 an automobile comes at full speed
64 the hand of the lady in bed spreads a wet handkerchief on her forehead
65 the whistle of the locomotive
66 the detective on a stairway
67 the hare stands on its back legs
68 a hand with a revolver
69 an eye with a monocle
70 the monocle falls to the ground and breaks
71 the man standing still
72 a gunshot (fade in)
73 a brightly-lit hand with a revolver (dissolve) into an
74 explosion with sparklers with the title THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE (double exposure) a pavilion of dancers
75 a jazzband member's leg and foot at a drum set
76 (medium shot) a music stand with sheet music titled THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE
77 standing before an embrasure the man with the monocle, watched by the lady, fires a gun
78 (close-up) a tin-plated hare embroidered in silver is toppled
79 the man and the lady both laugh heartily
80 the man rubs his eyes with his hand
81 a kiss under a parasol
82 the hare's whiskers with a part of its head moves on and (dissolve) into a fountain whose drops repeatedly form the title


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