Training Hege

by AE Reiff

Hegelian dialectic is an urban legend that posits two extremes to force a choice between. Hegel, as you know, was head coach of the Chargers. He had to consider offense and defense equally, which dualism resolved in his entertainment of the hypothetical third, that being his audience where forces blended. Thesis, antithesis synthesis, strophe, antistrophe, stand. Even the Mighty Blake said without contraries there is no progression, revealing the fairy backgrounds of his amorphous seed. That's why Joyce said

Transmogrify, transmogrify,
if not the eagle will come and pull out your eye.

Joyce said that and coaches and government scientists were getting it. Morpheus, Amorphous, fire and water sloshed, male and female divided the Symposium. But androgyne lips shut by light and dark, death and life. Ludwig Wittgenstein the Great, whose head rests on a pedestal in the Denver air park, said, "can that which is not be, not be, simultaneously?" Thus the law of noncontradiction was the bête noire of scientists who could not overcome the irrelevance in programs. Like those that edited out "Junk” DNA? It shows imagination to call DNA junk. Swish!  Some 50 % of the noncoded DNA genome, wasn't black or white. Non-binary QED broke Hegal’s boundaries, which continued until the Russians clicked in collective DNA consciousness, Bearden's Zarg if you must know, that 90% of the so-called junk DNA was a language itself! Post-quantum mechanics (PQM), BOOM! I don't know how many of you store the Principia (PM) in your garage near the car in case the incompleteness theorem comes.

Illumination of the Maze

The key word in all this maze is 'modeling', a neuro-linguistic programming term (NLP), in the technology of intelligence control, or simply a syndrome called the Werther effect where Werther kills himself if you do. "In NLP texts, a hypnosis is elaborated where two therapists – one speaking mostly at random in one ear, while the other gives specific instructions into the other ear – confuse a subject's conscious mind into 'shutting down,' thus bringing the unconscious mind to the fore in a state of trance."  Then what!  With Werther the observed behavior of any figure may be adopted. Model anything,  but be the serpent under it. Efforts are being made to change the name of NLP to DHE™ = Design Human Engineering™] (Baber, I), "simultaneous installation strategies [that] defy old beliefs about building NEW feelings... ones not experienced, yet" (La Valle). These broken boundaries rupture the intestine wall, a being with bags of himself sticking out has a certain automaticity to it.

No matter what, the leftovers from paradoxical sets of Russell's Antimony, where a thing is not a member of itself, discovered this contradiction. The modern absolutism of science gave urban Hegelians more power to build. Maze thought, called the Amazery, a Dome that banishes paradox as a means of hiding it, held as we do the camouflage theory of the human principle, what is there hid shall be shouted. True believers are wanted. Borges flatboats and round boats will go down Philosophy River like Mississippi barges hauling large statutes of Borges to be set up in each new crevice. Doesn't it help to know that from the air the maze looks like a flower?  Remember, on completion of his mission, the Manchurian candidate committed suicide. Current crops may just blank.

These are all parables of the paradox of self-reference which obviate the self and its consciousness for some other. It must be an Aristotelian metaphysic that Dante cites about the Donation of Constantine where the Emperor is not free to do through an office assigned him anything contrary to the office since it would be contrary to itself. The Law of Identity says identity must be consistent with itself. A trick question is, who shaves the barber in this maze? Which in our terms might be the same as asking whether the Trans human class is or is not a member of itself. Can the human which is, not be? In ours the barber grows a beard. If  a "list of all lists that do not contain themselves" contains itself, then it does not belong to itself and should be removed. However, if it does not list itself, then it should be added to itself."  That is exactly the position of Hegelian synthesis and Schrödinger's cat, inventions of nihilists who keep the maze.

Whether the cat is simultaneously dead or alive Coleridge said neither and both were not exclusive. Death in life, life in death cocktails were drunk by Amazants who practiced quantum entanglement in their experience, as though Schrödinger and Einstein exchanged heads with their letters, head-letters of quantum superposition  so that whenever the system is definitely in one state we can consider it as being partly in each of two or more other states. This describes the maze as perfectly as it does macro societal alters and personal ones. As long as you consider these you consider those. Ur, keep thinking. Schrödinger has also a mouse in that lab and a bear in the cage outside, with stacks of chimps unopened. These are the philosophers, gurus and grants who coach  illumination.

AE Reiff writes of botany, the environment and the new black science from his perspective of the Elizabethan Age. These, with his fiction, are indexed at Encouragements for Planting.