Dragan Stojcevski illustration

Dragan Stojčevski was born in Pančevo in the former Yugoslavia in 1979. After attending the School of Applied Arts in Belgrade he moved to The Czech Republic where he graduated in 2006 from the Theater Department of the Academy of Performing Arts (DAMU) in Prague with a Master's Degree in Stage Design Studies.

This illustration was the frontispiece for a special supplement to the Czech literary weekly A2 kulturní týdeník of June 20, 2007, titled "theatrical minutes" (divadelni minutky, edited by Martina Černá and Marta Ljubková), which presented 16 "sixty-second dramatic miniatures" by leading Czech playwrights, of which three are presented in this issue of The Cafe Irreal. The idea for the supplement was inspired by the Theater Institute in Andalusia (Spain) which, on World Theater Day in 2006, sponsored sixty such sixty-second dramatic miniatures by Andalusian playwrights.


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llustration copyright by Dragan Stojčevski 2007 all rights reserved