A Thread of Embroidery

by B E Turner

There was on the wall a marvellously fashioned embroidery. It had been made by artisans in the Close working day and night. The Big Black Baron looked at the picture and twirled the ends of his waxed moustache with a cynical smile.

“So, the fools thought they would benefit from their labour. Little do they know that the black cloud will descend and make them slaves.”

The embroidery displayed a clock tower in the square with bats flying around it and the townspeople climbing up the sides on ladders to remove the birds' nests. Suddenly the clock tolled eight bells and the townspeople climbed down the ladders and returned to the town square for their afternoon siesta

While all were asleep a green dragon flew before the eye of the sun and darkened the land. The big bad mock mock bird sitting atop the well spoke to the dragon as it descended.

“Whither comest thou, and whither goest thou?”

“I come to descend like a black cloud and enslave the people,” replied the dragon. “And whither art thou?”

“I’m the big bad mock mock bird and I sit atop the well so that the townspeople may not draw water.”

“Most impeachable,” replied the dragon.

The author, wondering what the last phrase meant, went into the kitchen and looked at the clock. He saw that he had been writing for eighteen minutes and wondered if he had done enough. The announcer on the radio advised that he had been playing trio sonata number seven by JC Bach. The author waited for the announcer to stop talking because he could not concentrate with talk in the background. The author scratched his head and wondered if the story had any thread. He decided to leave the continuation to the Dancing Minnie.

The Dancing Minnie appeared as a chalk drawing on the brick wall beside the well. She was dressed for tennis.

“What are you two doing?” she asked the mock mock bird and the dragon.

“I’m stopping people from getting water,” replied the mock mock bird.

“And I’m descending like a black cloud to enslave the people,” replied the dragon.

“Well you can stop doing that,” said the Dancing Minnie. “I need partners for a game of tennis.”

“Doubles?” asked the dragon.

“Of course.”

“But there are only three of us,” said the mock mock bird, who was a very conservative person.

“We can ring in the author,” replied the Dancing Minnie.

The author went into the kitchen and looked at the clock. He had been writing for thirty minutes. He decided to stop there and have a beef sandwich and a game of tennis.


B E Turner (previously known as Brian E. Turner) is a playwright, novelist and publisher living in New Zealand. His short short, "His Exegamination of Poelemtics as Addressed to the Audience," appeared in Issue #3 of The Cafe Irreal; "Three Short Plays" appeared in Issue #9; "Comedy of Art" in Issue #11; "surd person circular" in Issue #14; "A Tram Ride" in Issue #18; and "The Procession" in Issue #28.