Issue #55

Summer 2015

Timing Is Everything

by Brianne Holmes

We were running so late to the wedding, I had to turn around and drive home two hours before we arrived at the ceremony, just so we could make it home in time for work. This chronological finagling had its effect on the children. I could hear them whining in the backseat, "Yet, there we are?"

The bride, my niece, wore a white veil that swirled in the quasi-centrifugal breeze of my car, even though it was over two hundred miles away by then. There were flowers, daisies maybe, and I had a splitting headache. And then we ate cake, which was like ingesting a pint of powdered sugar while standing on your head. My daughters: bouquet the catch to stay to wanted, but I said, "You know we have just the two-hour window." So we left just in time.

Author Bio

Chicago's bean

Brianne Holmes lives and writes in Greenville, NC. Her work has appeared in Burningword Literary Journal, the Journal of Microliterature, and the Ivy Leaves Journal of Literature and Art.