The Cafe Irreal: International Imagination 

Issue Twenty-Two

Chess and A Fairy Tale by Andrzej Bursa
from Dreams of the 1990s by Michael Ruby
Flights by Phil Richardson
Hole in the Ground by Laurence Klavan
Maternal Aorta by Girija Tropp
Good Neighbors by Bruce Holland Rogers
A Word From Our Sponsors by Andrew S. Taylor


irreal (re)views


A Word From Our Sponsors
by Andrew S. Taylor

his exhibition has been underwritten by a contribution from the Hollinger & Grant Foundation. Hollinger & Grant: greater minds, bigger hearts, for a brighter tomorrow.

And by The Samuel Wilshire Thorne Foundation, where education is to invention as water is to wine.

And by the National Foundation for the Experimental Arts—breathing life into the avant-garde, with the largesse of the bourgeoisie.

And by Hutton, Celery, and Smythwyck. There is thunder in the hills, and we are listening.

And by the Proletarian Hermitage Foundation. Dedicated to underwriting the Arts & Crafts of the American experiment.

And by Ineffable Vacuity of Omaha, where the value of a dollar makes the wealth of kings.

And by Odin & Shrapnel Avionics—leaden stomachs, golden hearts, and the latest in ICBM guidance technology.

And by Hearts & Flowers rest homes. May the autumn years bring forth the full bloom of our lives.

And by Crestfall Mills, Ltd., pioneers in corn-based genetically modified food products and automobile fuels. For our children, and for theirs.

And by Seth Berman and affiliates. Here at Seth Berman and affiliates, there is no such thing as a customer.

And by Quiescent Cosmos Foundation—professional trepanation for the gentle soul.

And by Firmament Insurance of London. At FIL, the stars burn brighter, and Greenwich time is neither standard nor mean.

And by Purgatorio Learning Center—where you provide the salamanders, and we provide the fire.

And by Swift Liberty Investments. Because nothing should come between you and Mammon's sweet bounty.

And by Ragnarok Travel, bringing you to the end of the world and back again.

And by you, our patrons. For the world turns in the eye of the beholder.

Andrew S. Taylor is the associate editor of Menda City Review. His fiction has appeared in Ellery Queen, Peridot Books, Promethean, Pindeldyboz, Mad Hatter's Review and Menda City Review. He has also written articles and reviews for American Book Review, Ghetto Blaster Magazine, and Anime Insider. He lives in Brooklyn, NYC.

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