The Cafe Irreal: International Imagination 

Issue Fourteen

The Santa Fe by Terry Dartnall
Butterflies by W.B. Keckler
Tableau by Jake Elliot
The Accordion by Cat Rambo
Watches by Pavel Řezníček
surd person circular by Brian E. Turner
Black Belt Karate Master (1988) by Ethan Bernard
The Room at the End of the World by Brian Biswas
The Mushroom Incident by Olivia V. Ambrogio
A Call to Arms by A.D. MacDonald
Almost Mythological and Duty by James Grinwis
It Works Differently on Writers by Jeremy Tavares
Running by Sarah Bailyn
Of Forests and Trees and Never Met a Fish Taco I Didn't Like by Robert Leach
A Man Of Many Doppelgangers by Jeff Tannen


irreal (re)views


by W.B. Keckler

BUTTERFLIES are released into the sealed theater from the stage. The audience is told that one of the principal cast members has died of a heart attack in the last half hour and that this is a tribute to him. The play, entitled oddly enough, ATOMIC BUTTERFLIES, has been canceled. Shortly thereafter, as the audience is exiting the theater, a MADMAN appears in disheveled dress and announces to departing AUDIENCE MEMBERS that the butterflies have been irradiated and that every single person in the audience will be dead as a result of this "in one hundred and fifty years." People's reactions should be filmed, and one hundred and fifty years later the results of the butterfly radiation exposure should be published in newspapers and the film should be shown so that pious memorial services may be held in memory of the victims.

Two e-books by W.B. Keckler have appeared relatively recently, including I Came Dressed as John Wilkes Booth. In print form, his Sanskrit of the Body was published by Penguin in 2003. Recent magazine work includes Goodfoot, P-Queue, First Intensity and many others. His short piece,"Neither Measure Nor Mode," appeared in Issue #11 of The Cafe Irreal.

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