The Cafe Irreal: International Imagination 

Issue Fourteen

The Santa Fe by Terry Dartnall
Butterflies by W.B. Keckler
Tableau by Jake Elliot
The Accordion by Cat Rambo
Watches by Pavel Řezníček
surd person circular by Brian E. Turner
Black Belt Karate Master (1988) by Ethan Bernard
The Room at the End of the World by Brian Biswas
The Mushroom Incident by Olivia V. Ambrogio
A Call to Arms by A.D. MacDonald
Almost Mythological and Duty by James Grinwis
It Works Differently on Writers by Jeremy Tavares
Running by Sarah Bailyn
Of Forests and Trees and Never Met a Fish Taco I Didn't Like by Robert Leach
A Man Of Many Doppelgangers by Jeff Tannen


irreal (re)views


surd person circular
by Brian E. Turner

            -where do we start


            -how many


            -me and you

            -you and me

            -what about

            -there and back

            -back and there­

            -or vise versa

            -give us a speech

            -the end of the beginning is not of narcissus the beginning of the finish or otherwise reversed or retarded or visceral versa and whether the circularity has one or another is a matter of debate for the circle has a center which nos the difference between the middle and the outside and so is measured by a pear of calipers whether beheld by mighty wind-blown-bearded man in clouds of thunder or otherwise so consider that the snake consumes its tale and hence the story continues forever and on without increasing or decreasing or otherwise and as a result resumes at the beginning of the end


            -i thought so

            -i didn't trust it before

            -you do now

            -it fills in a gap

            -where do we go now

            -on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on

            -and on

            -without cessation

            -give us a speech

            -at the moment of reflexion from the calm and unruffled perfect silver mirrored surface the light returns from source to source for decay shall bloom and wither goeth or wither cometh or whither rank or parsomonious as dust goes to ashes and ashes go to dust we determine that what is given is taken and as the measure of one is taken the measure of the other is given and hence all is in balance and the light returns by reflexion from the silver mirrored surface back to whence it came

            -its a block

            -a stop

            -an end

            -a final consideration

            -past all care


            -short of words

            -to carry us on

            -to wither we goeth

            -or wither we cometh

            -a block

            -a stop

            -a final station on the line to



            -give us a speech

            -it be so that a surd numeral as defines rational conception is deified as being divisible by remainder without leaving sufficient quota and oftentimes commencing in the middle or thereabouts the locus describes a prescribed location whether imaginary virtual or actual before being inscribed with inevitable certainty and supplied with a prescription which is in no way proscribed whether required by logic or not and having begun at the commencement the direction of the line proceeds in a orderly fashion from the preceding procedure until meeting the final conclusion forming a figure which may be circular elliptical rhomboidal irregular or not whatever the case may be.

            -o brave

            -my pleasing

            -i thought so

            -so did i

            -so i did

            -how many


            -where do we start


Brian E. Turner is a native and resident of New Zealand. He's written plays, many of which have been performed in back-alley theaters in New Zealand and USA. He has published two novels and recently became a partner in a publishing enterprise. His short short, "His Exegamination of Poelemtics as Addressed to the Audience," appeared in Issue #3 of The Cafe Irreal; "Three Short Plays," appeared in Issue #9; and the ""Comedy of Art," in Issue #11.

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